• Hi, my name is Cristina Baciu.

    I'm a diverse professional with over 10 years' experience in various industries, from luxury hospitality to business and university settings.

    I currently work as a Project Manager/ Senior Research Specialist in the Cooperation and Conflict Aktipis Lab, at Arizona State University.

    I value communication, inclusiveness, and diverse perspectives. I am passionate about law psychology, human rights, and open science practices.

    My hobbies include classical music, nature and traveling, photography, and hand made gifts.

    I welcome feedback and new ideas so don't hesitate to get in touch!



    Project Manager & Senior Research Specialist

    August 2016 – Present

  • Anticipate. Personalize. Appreciate. Inspire.

    Can't choose the "right" gift? There might not be such thing. A unique gift, however, is personalized to suit its recipient, the occasion, the emotion.


    Tip #1: Anticipate! Moments, feelings, emotions, wants or needs.



    A handwritten note is a powerful expression of genuine care. A hand made card with a handwritten note on it could impress even more.


    Tip #2: Personalize! It's easy to buy greeting cards in bulk, but it's impactful to choose the one.

    For any given occasion there are many gifts. Their recipients will hurry to open them all but they can and will pause in front of a gift wrapped with dedication, passion, and care.


    Tip #3: Appreciate! Their time, their unique moment, their surprise and joy as they see that you went beyond the classic gift bag.

    It's hard to choose the perfect gift so why not choose them all? Flowers, wine, books, and more, all in a basket of happiness.


    Tip #4: Inspire! Go beyond the conventional norms. Give unique gifts and create memories.





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