• A glimpse into my professional life

    I'm a Research Program Manager at Arizona State University (ASU)

    Biodesign Institute, ASU

    Funded by the NCI, ACE is a multi-institution collaborative project that seeks to understand the fundamentals of cancer through evolutionary and ecological lens. Learn more about ACE here.

    Department of Psychology, ASU

    The Cooperation in the Apocalypse research team spans several institutions and disciplines. Researchers from psychology, anthropology, disaster management, literature, arts and more use science and scholarship to understand human behavior in times of crisis. Learn more here.

    Department of Psychology, ASU

    The ASU Interdisciplinary Cooperation Initiative (ICI) brings together scholars from across the disciplines who are joined by a shared interest in understanding the fundamental principles that drive cooperation. Learn more about ICI, the bi-annual symposium and winter school here.

    Department of Psychology, ASU

    Across nine field sites around the world, this transdisciplinary project is seeking to understand why and how people help each other in times of need. Learn more about the Human Generosity Project here.

    Department of Psychology, ASU

    In this lab, researchers are studying cooperation and conflict across systems, from human societies to cooperative multi-species (kombucha). From the rules of friendship to empathy and its influences on prosociality, from conning to cancer in multicellular bodies. Learn more here.

    Biodesign Institute, ASU

    Cancer is part of multicellular life. The research conducted in this lab brings in ecological and evolutionary perspectives to cancer research. Learn more here.

  • FUTURE Events

    Radically interdisciplinary. Arts & Science. Not your usual academic conference.

    October 15-18, 2020, ASU

    The Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting is a radically interdisciplinary meeting that brings together scientists and artists to address the most pressing challenges of the present and the future. Learn more here.


    Forthcoming, Spring 2021

    The biannual ASU Cooperation & Conflict Symposium invites diverse scholars from around the world to come together with ASU faculty to address the most pressing questions in cooperation theory through interdisciplinary dialogue. Learn more here.


    January 6-10, 2020, ASU

    The ASU Interdisciplinary Study of Cooperation Winter School provides a forum for learning about the fundamental processes underlying cooperation across diverse systems and disciplines. Learn more about the Winter School and watch selected lectures here.

    May 2, 2019, ASU

    The theme of this year's symposium was: Telling fact from fiction in the age of information. To view the recorded talks, click here. To learn more about the Interdisciplinary Cooperation Initiative (ICI), please click here.

    October 18-21, 2018, ASU

    The first Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting (ZAMM) took place in the Fall of 2018, at Arizona State University. To view the video recorded talks, click here. To learn more about ZAMM, click here.

    October 18-21, 2018, ASU

    The fourth bi-annual ISEEC conference was themed "Resistance, Resilience, and Robustness" and focused on the evolutionary and ecological processes underlying cancer. Learn more about ISEEC here.