• Empowering Individuals and Organizations through Mentoring

    and Professional Development


    I'm a higher education leader and mentoring expert. I'm happy to partner with individuals and organizations to contribute to highly impactful training and create innovative mentoring opportunities.

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    For Individuals

    Email me for a free consultation at cb2857@nau.edu

    As an expert in mentoring and professional development, I offer the following services to interested undergraduate and graduate students:

    • how to get involved in research and shape up your research agenda
    • graduate school/ career strategy & applications
    • personal statement development
    • CV/resume development

    Furthermore, as a former international student, I am passionate and eager to chat with international students and help them navigate the college and academic experience in the US.

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    For Organizations

    Email me for a free consultation at cb2857@nau.edu

    As the co-founder and co-director of several mentoring programs, I am excited to partner with organizations to develop and implement mentoring opportunities to enhance employee belonging, engagement, and productivity.


    According to research, only 37% of US employees have a mentor at work, and 63% of women in the workplace never had a mentor. This is surprising and unfortunate considering that a workplace mentoring program is a low-risk/cost, high-reward initiative that significantly boosts employees' loyalty, engagement, belonging, and productivity which in turn will significantly impact organizational profits.




    In the words of previous mentees and organizational partners...

    Developing Programs for Student Persistence and Success

    In the last three years, Cristina has built - from the ground up – an extraordinary mentorship program for undergraduates in our lab, combining traditional scientific mentoring with career and professional development sessions. Since the Fall of 2020, when she first implemented the mentorship program in our lab, Cristina has worked extensively with our students by meeting with them one-on-one and providing interactive professional development sessions every other week. She has accomplished all of this while furthering her education as a doctoral student at Northern Arizona University and excelling in her classes, with a perfect GPA.


    Dr. Athena Aktipis, Associate Professor and Director of the Cooperation Lab at Arizona State University

    Empowering Growth

    Dr. Cristina Baciu not only recognizes the potential in others but is motivated to see individuals exceed their goals. She is someone that you can feel at ease with, who takes the time to guide her mentees into the unchartered territory necessary to grow. With Cristina as my mentor, she saw my potential and opened my mind to opportunities and activities I may not have otherwise taken advantage of- as such, my presence grows. One can see proof of this in the work I have done with the ACE Scholars under her charge, work I now have displayed across numerous platforms. My LinkedIn is one such show of supporting evidence of her impact. It is by her guidance that I have presented in five scientific conferences, administered three IRB approved surveys for cancer communication research, created a personal website, and will be in the process of working on my first publication. Truly, the rewards of her guidance are endless. While instilling strength and confidence in my pursuits, I became a stronger scientist and candidate for my future goals with her by my side. No matter your goals, Cristina will enhance them in every way.


    Melanie Aldridge, former ACE Scholar at Arizona State University

    Instilling Confidence

    As an international student studying online at Arizona state University from Armenia and also doing an online internship at the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center (ACE), I can not overemphasize the importance of having a mentor like Cristina Baciu. Cristina is an exceptionally emphatetic and talented person, who truly cares about the academic success, as well as the personal well-being of her students.


    Under her patient and enthusiastic guidance, I got successfully integrated into a vibrant interdisciplinary research team, learned to think creatively about science problems and effectively communicate my research to the public. All of these had to be done online and required the management of different time zones, yet Cristina always organized everything so perfectly that distance never seemed to be an issue!


    Under Cristina’s mentorship I also learned to write grants and research proposals, create award-winning posters for scientific conferences and write scientific papers. And Cristina made it possible to accomplish all of these in only a few months! On top of all that, she was also personally involved in my academic career and building my future as a scientist. Cristina was always available and willing to share with me her experience and give me extremely valuable career advice. Only with her help, I was able to successfully apply to a master’s degree program in Spain and continue pursuing my dreams! Now, as I am about to finish my master’s and have been offered a Ph.D. position in Barcelona, I’m honored to express my gratitude to Cristina, who played a crucial role in shaping my success. Cristina Baciu is a true leader, who guides with kindness and intelligence and has that rare ability of being your mentor and your friend at the same time.


    Mané Sarkissian, former ACE Scholar and Online Student at Arizona State University

    Empowering Leadership

    Dr. Baciu is an extraordinary mentor and leader that always goes above and beyond to help others. I have had the honor of being directly mentored by Dr. Baciu for over 2 years and have learned so much through her leadership, passion, and determination. As the Co-Founder for both the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center Scholars program and the Co-Founder of the Cooperation Scholars Program, Dr. Baciu has mentored over 100 students and provided them with the skills, courage, and resolve to succeed in both conducting high-level research and professional development.


    Dr. Baciu's dedication to helping student is shown through constant support, assistance, and guidance. Through leading weekly meetings that contain insightful information and personable advice, Dr. Baciu is able to provide individualized support to many different students. This unique ability has not only helped myself develop incredible skills, but also has manifested in success for an entire program of researchers.


    Because of Dr. Baciu's incredible leadership, the ACE Scholars program has seen remarkable results. Students have published papers, presented posters and talks at both local and national conferences, and gained outstanding development as professionals, students, and researchers. In addition to supporting students in their endeavors, Dr. Baciu is conducting groundbreaking research into mentoring college students, especially online college students. I have witnessed the extraordinary impacts of this research and practice across this population.


    Dr. Baciu is a one of a kind mentor, leader, and director that always ensures that students are supported and welcomed. Her exceptional work ethic, perseverance, and guidance leaves an indelible mark on students. Overall, I strongly recommend Dr. Baciu who is a personable, committed, and intelligent leader. Dr. Baciu is a pioneering innovator who always helps students grow and develop.


    Bryan Yavari, ACE Scholar and Leader at Arizona State University