• What others say about my work

    Dr. Arlen Moller, Associate Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology

    Cristina is an exceptionally personable, bright, and thoughtful person. As an undergraduate student at Illinois Tech, she was extremely active as a productive researcher and organizer of many successful campus events. She served as the President of our Department's Psi Chi Chapter, and was a champion of the Open Science movement on campus. This past May (2019) she generously returned to campus to serve as a special guest judge at our 4th annual Lewis College of Human Sciences Undergraduate Research Day, an event she helped grow into the success it is today.

    Dr. Nicole Legate, Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology

    Cristina is one of the most talented students I have had the privilege of working with. Her work has always been top-notch, which is why she has received many awards and attained many leadership positions in her career. I consider her a trusted colleague and collaborator and I am excited to see what she will accomplish in this next stage of her career.

    Dr. Helen Schaffer, Anthropologist, University of Arizona

    I have had the pleasure of working with Cristina as a colleague since she joined our academic research team in September of 2016. Throughout that time, she has shown herself to be a reliable, capable, trustworthy colleague. When Cristina first started, I was really impressed by how quickly she got up to speed with the role -- she easily took charge of a number of different scheduling and data management systems, and started implemented changes that have made a huge improvement to the functioning of the team. Simply put, Cristina is our go-to person. Her outstanding job performance is complemented by exemplary social and interpersonal skills. On many occasions, I have seen her demonstrate an ability to negotiate the competing needs of various personnel by showing empathy and compassion. She seems to have no trouble at all taking direction from others, and she actually welcomes and solicits feedback to improve her performance.

    Pamela Winfrey, Senior Research Curator, Arizona State University

    Cristina Baciu is an amazing colleague and it is my great pleasure to write her a glowing recommendation. She is one of the most organized, detail-oriented, and pleasant colleagues I have ever worked with. She is an excellent problem solver-- no problem is too hard for her-- she plunges into personnel issues, scheduling nightmares, and software glitches with equal parts grace and strategy. She is amazing at reading people and figuring out how best to work with a wide variety of people. She approaches the world from a place of calm competence which means that people around her tend to also remain calm in trying circumstances. She is both detail-oriented as well as capable of seeing the big picture. I always look forward to working with her because she makes the task at hand seem do-able even if it seems impossible at first glance. She is self- motivated, great with budgets and spreadsheets, and is also tech-savvy. I recommend her wholeheartedly and would add that any team, whether it is academic, commercial, or non-profit, will be glad to have her.

    Dr. Jon Grahe, Executive Editor, Journal of Social Psychology

    Cristina is hard-working, independent, and works well with diverse individuals. When Cristina joined the Collaborative Replications and Education Project as an Administrative Adviser, she helped us organize and improve the systems we were using to process and review new contributors and their projects. In the process, she learned the Open Science Framework and helped others learn it. Without her help, we might not have been able to manage this spring semester when we became very busy. She was not only helpful but always sought even more opportunities to improve the work.

    Mike Costache, Investor

    I was very impressed with Cristina from the first day I met her in her capacity of Guest Relations Manager at Carol Parc Hotel, which is an amazing exclusive boutique hotel in Bucharest, Romania.

    Cristina is a true professional and saying that she's a hard worker, stress-resistant and always available to the hotel's guests with a smile on her face, would undermine her amazing presence throughout the hotel. Cristina is a pro-active hospitality executive who always knows how to anticipate discretely guests’ needs and address them before even being asked.

    I can go on and on about how any business manager would want an employee or partner like her, but I think that I would be overselling. I would especially recommend Cristina for any job given her unconditional dedication, loyalty, and passion.